We keep WordPress websites secure.

We dare to offer hacker-free warranties

If your site gets compromised or goes down, we’ll just fix it

The Problem

Traditional hosting companies are pushing the responsibility of securing their website on business owners who know nothing about security.

The answer

A hosting company that puts security above everything else

Our Story

A little, biggy problem flung us into the hosting scene. We here web developers, but when companies needed help because they where infiltrated by hackers then… uh oh. These small businesses just didn’t have the time or the know-how to update their website and server with new security updates, and that is a road to disaster. We decided we needed to create a service that not only hosts websites, but will actively keep them up to date, and so we did.

Focus on your marketing, we’ve got your website covered

Your website security

We’ll take care of the updates. We’ll take care of the firewalls. We’ll take care of malware scans. Don’t fret about your security, we keep hackers far, far away.

Your website speed

Long story short, we implement services most hosting providers don’t want to bother with. Stuff like caching, new HTTP standards, a modern server stack, etc.

Your Website Support

We understand that website support is an important part of hosting. You need to know that someone has your back. Our support team knows exactly what to do when something goes wrong, and we will happily take care of you.

Over 1000 updates performed for our customers! Let us manage your website's security.

Worried about Performance?

We find that most people who switch to using us actually receive a speed boost. Click here for a free assessment of the impact our services would have on your website’s performance.


    • Security on both the server and the application level
    • SSL certificates that auto-renew
    • Daily backups and malware scans
    • A security team that has your back

The Team


picture of security team member

This ninja is currently studying computer science at Utah Valley University and loves jumping into the fine details of how programs work. Scotty makes sure everything stays running smoothly and securely.


A security team member

Russell has been programming for 10 years now. He makes sure everyone is well taken care of. Security is a priority for Russell as well.

Do you think your website isn’t a big target for hackers? The bots crawling the web don’t think that way. They want control of your website. They want to shove it full of spam that makes Google and Bing think you’re promoting other websites (especially porn and phishing websites). They want to perform illegal activities from your website to spread viruses, to send email spam from a not yet blacklisted server, and to use your server’s resources to hack into other servers[1]. Times have changed, and nowadays your website is a valuable asset for any hacker to get ahold of.more

The current state of WordPress security is pretty scary. 51.8%[2] of website traffic is not from humans. Yep, there are a plethora of bots out there who know all of the common ways to hack into a website, and 70% of WordPress sites are vulnerable in some way or another[3]. In fact, 90% of IT professionals have admitted to breaches in their network security[4][5]. You need somebody who has your back.

Preemptive Protection

Reactive Protection


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