We keep WordPress websites secure.

We’re the hosting company that dares to offer a hacker-free warranty!

If your site gets compromised or goes down, we’ll just fix it.

Preemptive Protection

Reactive Protection

Your website security

We’ll take care of the updates. We’ll take care of the firewalls. We’ll setup premium WordPress plugins. We’ll do what needs to be done to keep the hackers far, far away.

Your website speed

Long story short, we implement programs most hosting providers don’t bother to spend time implementing. Stuff like caching, new HTTP standards, Cloudflare with Railgun, premium server software, etc.

You matter to us

We understand that website support is an important part of hosting. You need to know that someone has your back. Our support team knows exactly what to do when something goes wrong, and just as important, our support team strives to be friendly and courteous in helping you understand your website.

Over 544 updates performed for our customers! Let us manage your website's security.

Why we do what we do

A little, biggy problem flung us into the hosting scene. We where web developers, but when companies needed help because they where infiltrated by hackers then… uh oh. These small businesses just didn’t have the time or the know-how to update their website and server with new security updates, and that is a road to disaster. We decided we needed to create a service that not only hosts websites, but will actively keep them up to date, and so we did.


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